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Zambia - March 2016

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More than 80% of Zambia’s population lives from agriculture. Yet, subsistence agriculture is jeopardized by the invasion from several wild animals such as elephants. This leads to conflicts between farmers and endangered species. Man & Nature decided to collaborate with the NGO Awely, already working in local communities of Lupande (Eastern Zambia), in order to protect the coexistence of men and animals.

In March 2016, thanks to this partnership and in addition to on-going projects, Awely initiated the planting of alternative crops of ginger, garlic, citronella and onion. This innovative experimentation is testing the sustainability of these crops next to the traditional one of maize. The plants are opened and under limited human interventions in order to assess the degree of attraction of local animals. Ultimately it is expected to reduce conflicts between farmers and herbivorous species such as elephants.

The first observations are very promising! It shows that the productivity of alternative crops is significantly higher than maize ones. The reason? Elephants and other animals are less attracted to the new crops. The results were so encouraging that this project has been indexed in a technical report.

In the forthcoming months, Awely will continue its research in order to propose a long-lasting solution that protects biodiversity.

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