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Cameroon - September 2017

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An article of the Independent reports Survival International's accusations against two major environmental NGOs.

Testimonies of Pygmies gathered by Survival International in three countries in the Congo Basin - Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo-Brazzaville - shed light on the violence against forest communities to prevent them from entering protected areas.

Locking up Nature in "glass domes" is what Man & Nature is fighting against. Our strategy, on the contrary, is based on the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, the strengthening of civil society and the involvement of local populations in the management of their territories.

Man & Nature is working in partnership with the NGO AAFEBEN to support the Baka population in the eastern area of the Dja Reserve, located in South-East Cameroon. Discover the project.

In a second article (in French), WWF respond to the accusations.

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