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The exceptional ecosystems located on the direct outskirts of the Protected Areas where Cameroonian NGOs supported by Man & Nature are working, are threatened by increasing anthropogenic pressure. 

They are indeed home to numerous endemic species that are often endangered or even at risk of becoming extinct: western lowland and Cross River gorillas, Nigeria chimpanzees, bongos, white-necked rockfowls, African grey parrot, Ja River scrub warbler, etc.


Major issues

The collection and processing of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are an important source of income for local communities, especially women who are the main actors of the productions management. 

The profitability of these subsectors depends on several factors, ranging from the sustainable management of the resource to the access to markets and health issues relating to conditions of transformation. 

Experience has shown that it is not sufficient to bring producers together into cooperatives - they also need support to achieve the capacity to offer quality products to increasingly demanding and competitive markets.



The project and the prospects for change

The project consists in setting up a pilot coordination, processing, and marketing unit for all the relevant products in Yaoundé. The objective is to successfully set up a social enterprise that is financially self-reliant to allow for increasing the profitability of the relevant subsectors. 

The activities initiated will therefore have an impact at each node of the value chain :

  • Joint collection plans guaranteeing the traceability of raw products;
  • Standardization of first transformation processes at the village and logistic management of transportation to the second processing unit;
  • Construction of a centralized unit for the second processing (cold extraction) and conditioning of products;
  • Qualitative monitoring (chemical analyses) of the oils and butters produced and compliance with international standards; 
  • Development of business plans for each of the relevant sub-sectors and development of marketing strategies suited to the different markets;
  • Support to the organic/fair trade certification of the products; 
  • Direct sale or via a distribution network of finished products from the platform.

Lastly, the purpose of this initiative is to develop a genuine culture of collaborative and social economy in Cameroon by ensuring fair distribution of the profits generated between all stakeholders of the value chain.


Committed partners


The project directly involves 2,400 producers, including over 60% of women distributed over five sites in the Eastern, Southwestern, and Northwestern regions of Cameroon. All groups and cooperatives, existing and in the process of creation, are coached by four NGOs selected among the most efficient in the country : the NGOs AAFEBEN, TFRD, CAMGEW and ERuDeF.

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