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Ghana - March 2018

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Man & Nature is starting a new large-scale project in Ghana aiming at developing income generating activities for the benefit of communities, which will contribute to the conservation of 3 Protected Areas: Mole National Park, Kakum Conservation Area, and the Kwabre-Tanoe trans-border forest.

Man & Nature works in partnership with 4 local NGOs (A Rocha, NCRC, WAPCA and NorthCode) to develop 5 sustainable value chains: shea butter and honey in the north, cocoa, coconut oil, and Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in the south.

The project will also support the establishment and the strengthening of local governance organisations to ensure the sustainable and community-based management of natural resources (Community Resource Management Areas – CREMA). 

EconoBio Project is co-funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) for a 3-year period, but Man & Nature is still looking for co-funding to make this project a real success.


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