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Ghana - December 2018 

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In this Christmas season, please support our partner, Northcode, to empower local communities in Ghana.

Our partner, Northcode-Ghana, has been developing livelihood alternatives in areas surrounding Mole national park to preserve wildlife and support local communities, with a focus on women empowerment. Limited subsistence options compel neighboring communities to enter the park and unsustainably exploit forest resources. Northcode-Ghana intervenes on the ground by identifying alternatives that allow the sustainable utilization of natural resources. 

They include the provision of training programs and the acquisition of essential equipment for: 

  • Reforestation of degraded lands through nursery management of local tree species; 
  • Beekeeping; 
  • Green value chains development that benefit communities and strengthen local governance structures.

The implementation of sustainable projects will support the economic development of local communities, the empowerment of vulnerable populations, and contribute to the preservation of the Park and its biodiversity.

To find more information and support this project, please visit the Global Giving page.


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