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France - January 2019

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On January 1, 2019, Man and Nature has merged with Noé, a non- profit public interest association created in 2001.

Noé’s mission is to safeguard biodiversity in France and abroad. Noé runs programs for the conservation of endangered species and the preservation and restoration of natural habitats and Protected Areas. The association also carries out educational actions aimed at developing behavioral changes that are more respectful towards the environment.

Man & Nature and Noé Board of Directors have decided to merge the two associations, allowing the new group to share knowledge and experience, multiply our actions and impact in new areas and pool management, fundraising and communication functions. It will bring even more impact thanks to the diversity of geography, a stronger communication team and a greater co-financing with public institutions.

From an operational point of view, this merger does not call into question our current actions.

Noé thus acquires the 8 years of Man and Nature experience in support of communities living in and around 25 Protected Areas. Noé & Man and Nature has implemented 55 projects and presents a unique skill set that covers Protected Area management, biodiversity conservation and community economic development involving civil society and the private sector.

With a cumulative budget of 1.8 million euros in 2018 dedicated to the countries of the Global South, Noé is the main French CSO dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. At the heart of its philosophy, it implements its projects directly on the ground, or through local CSOs chosen for their legitimacy and their long-term investment in communities. It has a unique network of partner companies supporting the implementation of projects.

Priorities for intervention

Noé deploys its expertise and adapts its interventions based on local stakeholders’ needs following three main areas for action:

  • Effective management of Protected Areas and conservation of threatened species. While conservation has always been in Noé’s DNA since its inception in 2001, the organization now innovates and changes scale by starting an ambitious delegated management program of Protected Areas. In 2018 it endorsed the delegated management of the Termites Park in Niger.
  • Socioeconomic development for biodiversity. This is the core competence brought by Man & Nature in 2019. It consists of an innovative model for biodiversity conservation based on the development of economic sectors for the benefit of local populations living in and around Protected Areas. Communities thus have an interest in protecting PAs over time, and along with them the biodiversity they contain.
  • The support of civil society. Noé focuses on reinforcing the capacity of local civil society in order to amplify the impact of the project in the long term, and allow its local partners to be key players engaging the dialogue with public and private actors and influence biodiversity protection policies in the Global South.




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