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France / Cameroon - February 2019

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A social and economic model to protect biodiversity : sustainable oilseeds value chains from Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) to protect the Dja Faunal Reserve (DFR) in Cameroon

This paper published on www.ocl-journal.org by Emmanuelle Roques, Cécile Lachaux, Théo Tournebize, Aimé Manfred Epanda and Miranda Mikam Akongongol presents a socioeconomic model, implemented in surrounded areas of a high biodiversity hotspot: the Dja Faunal Reserve (DFR), in Cameroon.

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) of DFR have always been used by local people for food or traditional medicine. This associative/private project has aimed at structuring the NTFP value chains, in order to ensure the beneficiary communities, particularly women, to earn the revenues necessary to their development.

With this alternative to poaching, local communities find it economically worthwhile to protect and sustainably manage the forest.

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