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France / Ghana - April 2019

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Mabel Agba holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, and has completed training in Management for the Impact of Sustainable Development from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. She has also completed courses on Forest Governance, Gender and Sustainable Development.

With a focus on community development, Mabel worked on a variety of topics with the NGO The Development Institute: food security, climate resilience, ecosystem restoration, and women's rights.

Mabel is the Founder of Avu Lagoon Gender Equality and Environmental Rights Networks, a Grassroots Women’s Network whose mission is to mobilize and empower women to advance and take actions that would drive the greatest change for women and their environment.

Mabel joins the team in Accra, Ghana, as the EconoBio Project Coordinator of Noé’s Man and Nature program. The results of which can be found in the newly published 2018 activity report.





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