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India - December 2019

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Noé awarded for its commitment towards Conservation Agreements at the Learning Network Meeting in India


Noé participated in the Learning Network Meeting (LNM) organized by Conservation International (CI) in Coimbatore, India from December 5 -10, 2019. It was hosted by Keystone Foundation, a non-profit trust and field-based organization working in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in India and had about 29 different countries represented.

The LNM is an annual event facilitated and supported by CI under its Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) to exchange ideas and share lessons learned by partner NGOs on the implementation of Conservation Agreements. The 2019 LNM is the sixth annual meeting and was held under the theme: incentivising conservation through community enterprise and sustainable supply chains.

Noé ’s participation in the 2019 CI LNM centres on its commitment to replicating the Conservation Agreement model in Ghana. Currently, Noé supports the NGO WAPCA in strengthening community-based conservation (CREMA) through sustainable & fair value chain development on the outskirts of the Ankasa-Tano Rainforest in Ghana. A Conservation Agreement was negotiated in 2019 and will be signed by the CREMA and the partnering enterprise The Savannah Fruits Company in March 2020. This Agreement will lead to the following outcome:

  • A Conservation fund established, funding the conservation activities of the CREMA
  • 1 pesewa premium per coconut purchased paid to the Conservation Fund by the Savannah Fruits Company
  • 200 000 coconuts per month processed in two community processing centres to produce organic & fair for life coconut oil generating additional income for 260 community members
  • 2 400 000 pesewas per year (i.e. USD 4800/year) generated for the CREMA

The interactions at the LNM showed that the success to every conservation and community enterprise requires a strong governance and capacity development, institutional legality, capital and good business plan with strong partnership and community ownership. It was also emphasized that the success of a business is not just the profit but more importantly the relationships; all stakeholders who are supporting community enterprises are encouraged to ensure trust, transparency and accountability. Among several other lessons shared are also the need to:

  • Ensure sustainable and inclusive private sector engagement that promotes poverty reduction and supports community driven enterprises
  • Build and share a strong story around the value chains (for instance the community values) to boost the linkage with buyers and access to markets
  • Work in collaboration with the local communities and demonstrate that conservation agreements work and benefit conservation
  • Work with governments to integrate conservation agreements into national laws – using conservation agreements as a tool for sustainable landscape management

At the end of the 6days meeting, Noé was awarded a Certificate of Recognition as the Conservation Agreement Rookie of the Year – for demonstrating outstanding enthusiasm and initiative in the first year of implementing conservation agreements.

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Photo Credit : Cassandra Kane




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