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Ghana - May 2020

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Start of the construction of a community-owned Organic Shea Butter Processing Centre in Ghana.

In January 2020, Noé’s partner A Rocha Ghana, signed a contract with the construction company INCOF Ltd to begin the construction of an Improved Organic Shea Butter Processing Facility at Murugu Community in the Mole Ecological Landscape.  

This initiative is part of Noe’s EconoBio programme in Ghana which aims at integrating economic development into biodiversity conservation and recognizes that it is only by placing local populations at the heart of the solution that the success of conservation programmes is guaranteed.

The facility will be equipped with machinery to improve butter quality, reduce environmental footprint and health hazards associated with shea butter processing. It will also come with the construction of 8 mini organic shea warehouses for the storage of the nuts and supply of tricycles, tarpaulins for drying and improved stoves for the kernel-processing.

The processing facility will have a production capacity of 1 metric ton of shea butter per day with the added potential of creating about 200 jobs and generating income particularly for women of the shea cooperative. This will empower women economically, boost the organic shea butter industry in Ghana and contribute to Ghana’s overall growth and development agenda.

This initiative is being funded by the French Development Agency, Evolution of Smooth (EOS), Dessange and African Tiger Holding Limited (ATHL), with the support of Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and the Savannah Fruits Company.

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