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Cameroon - October 2020

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Exchange with two local associations on shea butter production in Sassa Mbersi


Mission to North Cameroon from August 8 to 17, 2020, to evaluate shea and beekeeping potential with CERAF and CAMGEW partners

From 8 to 17 August 2020, Camille Affana (Coordinator of Noé Cameroun) and Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy (director of CAMGEW, beekeeping expert) went to Garoua and Sassa Mbersi to carry out a field diagnosis in order to refine implementation strategies and action plans for the development of the shea butter and honey sectors in the South of the Bénoué National Park.

Camille, Emma and the CERAF team :

  • Exchanged with local communities on their interest and ideas on the development of Project activities ;
  • Made a diagnosis of the resources and structures for sustainable collection, group sales and the setting up of a shea butter processing unit ;
  • Observed the practices of local beekeepers, local resources for the construction of hives, identified interested persons to be trained and equipped for beekeeping and honey production ;
  • Met with the local authorities to present the project and establish mutual aid relationships.


news 121020 02

Shea nuts collected in the southern zone of Sassa Mbersi

This field mission made it possible to locate the exploitable shea park, to collect a sample of butter for laboratory analysis and to identify the potential future members of the cooperative.

Concerning beekeeping, the potential for bee production is real, the local demand for the activity and for honey is great, and the population is very interested and motivated by the project. Pilot hives have been installed and a first training session is planned for October 2020 for a first harvest in April 2021 !

To learn more about the project, follow this link


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Installation of a pilot hive in Sassa Mbersi (colonized 5 days later)



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