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Ghana - October 2020

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The development of pro-biodiversity value chains: a complementary and beneficial approach to the conservation strategy of Protected Areas in Ghana

Since 2011, the Man & Nature programme of Noé has been implementing "pro-biodiversity" value chains projects in Africa. These projects have made it possible to demonstrate concrete synergies between the development of biodiversity-based value chains and the involvement of communities in the protection and management of Protected Areas and their periphery.

In Ghana, the project implemented by Noé aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of five sustainable value chains around three protected areas;
  • Improve community-based biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. The project supports the establishment and the strengthening of Community-based governance mechanisms (Community Resource Management Areas - CREMAs) to ensure the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Strengthening the civil society players, generating knowledge and sharing best practices to help meet the present and future challenges of biodiversity and economic development.

The video presents the developed model and explains the CREMA system with an animated infography. It also highlights the work carried out on the periphery of the Kwabre-Tanoé forest, illustrating how the production of organic coconut oil contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and the economic development of local populations, particularly women.  

To watch the video, click here.

And to learn more about the project, follow this link



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02 Nov 2020


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