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Cameroon - December 2020

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Training in honey production as an alternative to poaching around the Benoue National Park, Sassa Mbersi village

74 members (31 women and 43 men) of Sassa Mbersi village attended a 4-day beekeeping training including theory and practice ! This training was provided by the Cameroonian NGO CAMGEW.

74 so-called Kenyan Top Bar Hives (KTBH) as well as 48 cylindrical bamboo hives available locally were built on site with the participation of the villagers to ensure a transfer of knowledge, giving them the possibility to replicate and repair the hives themselves. The hives were then installed into the forest, far away from the cultivated fields.

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Training manuals as well as all the beekeeper equipment were distributed to the participants. A practical demonstration of honey harvesting was done with pilot hives set up last August during the sensitization workshop. The participants then went to the forest to observe the different trees that attract bees or not.

Theoretical knowledge was shared on many subjects such as the bee cycle, pollination, colonization of hives, structure within the hives, and honey production, in order to better understand and control the domestication.

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The 4th day was dedicated as "Innovation and Creativity Day" during which various hives built and used in different parts of the world were presented. The participants also brought different types of local hives, made from clay, dry grass, and wooden boards. The advantages and disadvantages of each were discussed and the participants proposed an improved model of the local hive, according to their criteria: made of local material, easy to transport and install, with different openings to prevent bee mortality at harvest and to facilitate this last step.

At the end of the training, CAMGEW presented various beekeeping products: different honeys and beeswaxes, honey wine, and soaps, which greatly inspired the participants for future activities.

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The first harvest of honey and bee wax is expected for April 2021 !

This training was carried out by CAMGEW in partnership with CERAF-Nord, with the financial support of the Sisley D'Ornano Foundation through Noe.

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