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Since it was founded, Noé’s Man & Nature program has been successful at embarking businesses in cosmetics and perfume to directly support projects in the field, either as federations or individually.

Our ambition is to extend this type of partnership, calling for more commitment towards an increasingly globalized future.




Businesses and individuals, support Noé's actions ! As part of the French Finance Act, you can benefit from a tax exemption and a tax reduction.


Income taxes

Income tax deduction equal to 66% of the donation made within the limit of 20% of revenues of the year.
Example: Mr Smith has € 100,000 of income in 2018. He will donate € 20,000 to Noé and will benefit from a deduction of € 13,330. Assuming the donation exceeds 20% of the income tax of the year, the balance will be carried forward during the 4 following years.
Reference: Article 200 of the French General Tax Code


Corporate income tax

These taxes benefit from a deduction of 60% of the donation provided to Noé, knowing that the donation must be limited to 5/1 000 of the turnover of the year. If exceeded, the balance will be carried forward during the following years.


You can have a look at our projects, and contact us to support our actions.



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In 2019, 9 supported programmes in 7 different countries


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Noé supports the development of Green Value Chains


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