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Located in northwestern Ghana, the Mole National Park was created in 1971 after being a hunting reserve from 1958. Covering a land area of 4577 km2 of savannah, it is the largest protected area of the country.

It is known for its rich biodiversity, sheltering numerous fauna species such as elephants, buffalos and monkeys, and has one of the biggest concentrations of antelopes in Africa. This is also an important touristic site of Ghana.


Major issues


Created with the aim to protect its abundant fauna and flora, the National Park is still threatened by the hunting of game around and within the Park, mainly antelopes for provision of bush meat. The Park though well protected has in recent times suffered from targeted well planned incursions to log Rosewood, a species of high timber value in Ghana.

Limited livelihood options compel neighboring communities to enter the park to access Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), which is an important source of income during the lean season. Surrounding areas of the park are under threat from the increasing production of charcoal, clearing for agriculture and bush fires.



The project and the prospects for change


The project will ensure the sustainable and community-led management of Park periphery, through the development of green value chains benefitting communities and strengthening the local governance structures (CREMAs).

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Contribute to the development of sustainable economic sectors. These green value chains will benefit to the communities by increasing their income and will participate to the protection of the Park. The sector of certified shea butter will be supported by setting up a shea-processing unit to produce organic butter and create an economic added value. Beehives will be provided and beekeepers trained to generate additional income; the honey of this region is highly sought for its taste and its particular properties.
  • Ensure a better biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources by (1) strengthening the CREMAs already in place and creating a new one in the southwest area of the Park; (2) setting up a Conservation Fund aiming at ensuring the long-term self-financing of the CREMAs; (3) reinforcing the forest patrols; (4) restoring degraded areas.
  • Ensure the capacity building of civil society and disseminate the project lessons-learnt. 


Committed partners 


A Rocha and Northcode, partners already strongly involved in the area, work since several years with local populations to improve their livelihoods and protect Mole National Park.

The NGO A Rocha Ghana has a strong experience in establishing Community Resource Management Areas (CREMA) – local governance structures – on the outskirts of protected areas in Ghana, including the Mole National Park where it has set up four CREMAs.

Located in the southwestern area of Mole National Park, Northcode supports the empowerment of women by strengthening their economic capacities. Its specific focus is the development of beekeeping and the reforestation of degraded areas.

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To learn more about this project and its 2018 key achievements please click on this link.



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